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Book Recommendation: Business Relationship Management and Marketing

imageRecently, the international version of the definite book Geschäftsbeziehungsmanagement (Business Relationship Management and Marketing) edited by Prof. Michael Kleinaltenkamp (Free University Berlin) and colleagues has been released. The English version contains a new chapter on the management of European-Chinese business relationships authored by Alexander Tirpitz and Miaomiao Zhu, since the book serves as the official text book of Free Unviersity’s China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing.

In their contributed chapter Tirpitz and Zhu point out how companies can create successful European-Chinese business relationships by means of HR and organizational development measures.

The book can be purchased via Amazon or other book stores.

Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Wulff Plinke, Ingmar Geiger (Eds.) (2015): Business Relationship Management and Marketing – Mastering Business Markets. Heidelberg et al.: Springer.