Yearbook of Market Entry Advisory 2014 published

The Yearbook of Market Entry Advisory 2014 edited by Alexander Tirpitz and René R. Schleus has been published and is now available on the market.

The Yearbook of Market Entry Advisory 2014 provides unique and comprehenisve insights into the market entries and and the development of companies in geopraphically new markets. Focus of this year’s issue are market entries of Asian and Eastern European companies in Germany as well as the market entries of European companies in Eastern Europe and Asia.

More than twenty well-respected researchers, consultants and entrepreneurs contributet latest research findings, case studies and practical experiences deriving from the fields of Strategy, Marketing & Communication, M&A, Business Relationship Management, Tax & Leagl and Human Resources.

Morover, the Yearbook exclusively contains the results of the Market Entry Advisory Monitor 2013 – a study conducted by the German Center for Market Entry (GCME) and SMF Schleus Marktforschung. With a so far unique approach the study analyzed experiences, requirements and needs of Multinational Enterprises (MNE) and provides invaluable findings concerning their collaboration and satisfaction with law firms, tax accountants and managment consultants.

In consequence, the target readership of the Yearbook are MNEs and companies currently going international as well as law firms, consultants and foreign investment promotion agencies, but also scholars and students in the field of International Business.


The Yearbook of Market Entry Advisory 2014 can be purchased directly from the publisher’s website.